ScopeVault® Endoscope Storage Cabinet

Our endoscope storage cabinet creates a healthy and safe environment for your endoscopes. It is built to comply with guidelines for safe endoscope management set forth by the SGNA™, AORN™, The Joint Commission™, and the most recent ANSI/AAMI ST91:2021 guidelines.

ScopeVault offers storage for all brands of GI & Ultrasound Endoscopes, Enteroscopes, TEE, Rectal, and Vaginal Probes, and more.

Smart. Chic. Modern. Modular.

The cabinet is visually striking. Key features include 24/7 HEPA filtration, positive pressure within the cabinet, dual-LED lighting, and a removable drip tray.

ScopeVault is the only storage cabinet with Patent Pending features such as our modular back panel system and individually adjustable vertical cradle racks.  Our modular electronics bulkhead sets new standards for ease of service.  These features are just a few reasons that we say ScopeVault is the only endoscope storage cabinet that is built to last a lifetime.


DriScope® Compatible

ScopeVault® is compatible with industry leading Dri-Scope® manifold system making it fully compliant with the most recent guidelines ANSI/AAMI ST91:2021 that give considerable focus to channel drying of endoscopes.

ScopeVault is now available in two sizes and is compatible with both the Dri-Scope® 10-port manifold and Dri-Scope® 16-port manifold.

Our team is hard at work on our 2024 ScopeVault model that we expect to have ready for release in Summer 2023.  The cabinet will be packed with innovative features that are sure to set new standards for compliance, quality, and aesthetics.

Secure Storage

Additional features include a sleek, easy-to-clean handle, concealed magnetic closure, and a cam lock system that offers outstanding security for your valuable endoscope inventory.


Ordering Information

We understand that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to the storage of your valuable equipment. We offer ScopeVault in a variety of configurations to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we will provide you a detailed quote.


What is ScopeVault?

ScopeVault is an endoscope storage cabinet that offers the ultimate in flexibility. Its modular design and ease of service make it the only endoscope storage cabinet that is built to last a lifetime.

Can items other than endoscopes be stored in ScopeVault?

Absolutely. We have designed systems that include shelving for blue-wrapped sterile trays and other types of medical instruments.

How many endoscopes can I store in ScopeVault?

The standard cabinet is designed to store up to ten standard gastroscopes, colonoscopes, bronchoscopes, etc. Specialty cabinets can be configured to meet almost any storage need.

With the 2022 ScopeVault model, we now offer options to store up to 16 standard gastroscopes, colonoscopes, bronchoscopes, etc. As you have come to expect, Specialty cabinets can be configured to meet almost any storage need.

Can you store specialty scopes inside the cabinet?

ScopeVault is flexible and modular. It can store duodenoscopes, ENT scopes, Vaginal, Rectal, and TEE probes, EUS Endoscopy Scopes, EBUS, etc. For Enteroscopes, specialty cradles can be installed.

Does it come with a key lock?

All ScopeVault cabinets are now outfitted with a cam locking system. If you purchase multiple cabinets, you can choose to have the locks keyed alike (all keys the same) or, if you want to be more adventurous, each lock can have a different key. If your facility needs more advanced security, we offer a sleek HID® keypad that provides controlled badge access to the cabinet.

Is the cabinet made of wood?

Not at all. It is constructed from lightweight aluminum extrusions, acrylic, and plastics. No wood, melamine, or latex is used to construct the cabinet. The side panels and door panel are made of acrylic and are easy to clean and maintain.

Is there LED lighting inside the cabinet?

There are two door-activated LED lights – one in the front and one in the back. This provides the perfect level of visibility within the cabinet.

What are the MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) requirements?

Each cabinet must be connected to a standard double source of current that can provide 120V A/C (+ / -5%), 60 Hz, and 20 Amps (preferably) on an emergency power outlet. The overall cabinet uses less than 10 amps, so a 20-amp circuit would be sufficient for a single cabinet. Typically, the cabinet is positioned 1 inch away from the wall. The NEMA plug configuration is 125V 5-15R and the power cord is 10 feet in length with approximately 9 feet extending out of the top back left of the cabinet. The ScopeVault power cord extends out of the top of the cabinet and the unit can be plugged in at ceiling height or in a lower position all the way to the floor. Beyond that, no additional mechanical or plumbing requirements must be met.

Talk me through installation of the ScopeVault at my facility. How easy is it to install?

ScopeVault is designed to be very easy to install. Typically, we ship ScopeVault in a purpose-built crate to protect it during its journey. Once it is removed from its crate, ScopeVault can be transported on dollies to its installation location. A typical installation involves two humans standing the cabinet into position, plugging in the cabinet unit using the power cord that extends from the bulkhead and placing the cabinet into its final position. The provided crescent wrench can be used to level the cabinet using the adjustable feet. From uncrating to installation, each cabinet can usually be installed within one to two hours.

Do you offer installation service?

We offer a white-glove service. A member (or two) of our team will visit your facility the day the cabinet(s) arrive and will handle everything from the initial unpacking all the way through installation. We will also work with your staff to train them on the proper use of the cabinet. We hope you’ll let us take a photo of your team with the cabinet.

Is ScopeVault a drying cabinet?

Yes and no. Our standard ScopeVault cabinet is compatible with the industry-leading drying system, the Dri-Scope Aid® 10-port manifold. Some customers decide to purchase a drying-compatible cabinet and later upgrade it to include the drying system. However, many customers purchase ScopeVault with the Dri-Scope Aid 10-port manifold already installed.

Starting in 2022, we now offer the option to choose a wider cabinet that is compatible with the Dri-Scope Aid® 16-port manifold.

If I purchase a Dri-Scope® compatible ScopeVault, is it easy to upgrade in the future?

We would send your team a complete, easy-to-install kit. The kit would include all items needed for a successful installation and if questions were to arise, we are just a phone call away. From start to finish, the Dri-Scope® manifold and pump can be installed in under an hour; we do all of the system configurations prior to shipping the kit. If you prefer, a member of our team can visit your facility and complete the installation, no problem.

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