Does the OEM manufacture your compatible filters?

Our filters are Clinical Choice branded filters. The OEM does not manufacture them.

Do you manufacture your filters?

Our private-labeled filter products are sold under our brand name “Clinical Choice.” We work with respected, well-known manufacturers of water filter products to produce the products we sell to you. The suppliers not only manufacture our medical-grade filters for our company, but they are also suppliers of water filtration products to other healthcare-related companies throughout the United States. All the facilities that produce our filter products operate under an ISO 9000 or above quality management system. In addition, each manufacturer is FDA Compliant, NSF 42 certified, and all of our bacteria-retentive filters come with a certificate of construction and conformance that attest to the quality of the product.

What is your quality guarantee for the filters?

When designing our compatible filters, our manufacturers are held to the highest quality standards, and the finished products are tested side by side with OEM-designed products to ensure compatibility. Destruction testing is performed in a controlled environment to ensure that our compatible filters not only meet, but at times exceed the performance specifications of the OEM-designed products for bacteria retention, surface area of filter media, and flow rate characteristics. Each of our bacteria-retentive filters is assigned control lot numbers so that we can ensure the highest level of quality and quickly identify materials of construction, and lot numbers of filter media used during the manufacturing process. If a problem ever were present, we would be able to quickly identify and recall the affected filter products. When ordering compatible filters from Clinical Choice, you can be confident that you are purchasing the highest-quality, integrity-tested compatible filters, and products available on the market. We also certify that our compatible replacement filters meet or exceed the design requirements set forth in the ISO 15883-1 & 15883-4 standards for permissible microbial contamination in the water supply used for the final rinse during endoscopy reprocessing.

Does the OEM endorse your filter products?

Clinical Choice is in no way affiliated with the original manufacturer of any AER unit for which we sell compatible filters. The OEM has not approved nor endorsed our compatible filters.

Will using your compatible filters void my warranty?

During our more than 20 years in business, we have had no reports that the use of our products has voided the manufacturer’s warranty, caused any issues with the operation of any AER unit, nor have there been any reported issues that the use of our products has created or posed a health risk to patients. It is important to understand that the OEM has not approved of nor manufactured the products that we sell. Any references to the OEM on our website are merely intended to be informational in nature and should not be construed as an endorsement by or relationship with the OEM.

Do you offer filter trials?

Yes. With pre-approval, we will provide certain filter products at no charge for your facility to trial. If you are interested in a trial, click here and complete our sample request form. One of our team members will reach out to you.

How much do your filters cost?

When purchasing from Clinical Choice, you can expect to save between 30-50% compared to OEM filter pricing. Clinical Choice is a contracted vendor with HealthTrust® and Vizient® and we offer contracted pricing if you are a member of either of those group purchasing organizations. We also offer other price levels for those that may not be a member of a GPO or that may be a member of a different GPO. One of our knowledgeable customer service team members will be able to help you determine your price when you contact us.