SafeCap® Endoscope Transport System

SafeCap is our cost-effective, user-friendly endoscope transport and short-term storage system.

The system is easy to use, compatible with other transport trays, containers, and carts and offers better protection for patients and equipment.

Designed for You

Our unique, patented endoscope transport system is the result of vigorous research and customer feedback. It’s built to exceed your expectations and meets or exceeds the requirements of ANSI/AAMI ST91:2021.

A Hardworking System

Our SafeCap trays, lids, and transport carts get the job done. They are designed to ensure safety, efficiency, and protection. Our liners are easy to install, and trays, lids, and carts are easy to use and clean.

High-Temperature Compatible

The SafeCap high temperature gray tray, gray lid, and cart can be placed in cart washers with temperatures up to 110°C/230°F.

Ordering Information

Order Number Description Quantity
SC-1478 Sterile Liner Set (clear, clean, and biohazardous liners) 360° visibility™ 100/box
SC-CLR-100 Clear Sterile Liners 100 each individually packaged 100/box
SC-GRN-100 Green Sterile Liner 100 each individually-packaged 360° visibility™ 100/box
SC-RED-100 Red Biohazardous Sterile Liner 100 each individually packaged 360° Visibility™ 100/box
SC-152L Clear Reusable Lid Maximum temp. 180°F/82°C 1 each
SC-249G Gray Reusable High Temperature Tray Maximum temp. 230°F/110°C 1 each
SC-249L Gray Reusable High Temperature Lid Maximum temp. 230°F/110°C 1 each
SC-CART6 Six-shelf, powder coated aluminum frame cart with 3” casters and two brakes (cart washer compatible)* 1 each
SC-CART8 Eight-shelf, powder coated aluminum frame cart with 3” casters and two brakes (cart washer compatible)* 1 each
SC-CART10 Ten-shelf, powder coated aluminum frame cart with 3” casters and two brakes (cart washer compatible)* 1 each
* SafeCap Carts are available in green, red, yellow, gray, black, orange and fourteen other colors. High-temperature, cart-washer compatible casters are available upon request.


What is SafeCap and what is its intended use?

SafeCap is a patented tray and liner system designed to ensure the safe transportation of flexible endoscopes and other surgical instruments.

It is typically used to move disinfected endoscopes to an operating or procedure room. After procedures, SafeCap is used to transfer the contaminated endoscopes to a sterile processing facility.

Does the SafeCap system meet current ANSI/AAMI ST91:2021 guidelines?

SafeCap is fully compliant with recent guidelines.

How many SafeCap liners come in a pack?

It depends on your order. Our combo pack (SC-1478) has one clear liner, one red liner, and one green liner. These combo packs are sold in boxes containing 100 pieces.

We also sell individual liners—SafeCap Singles™.

SafeCap Singles™ allows you to create your own system and workflow. You can purchase the red, green, or clear liner individually; they will come in a box of 100 and each liner will be vacuum sealed.

How did you come up with the name SafeCap?

Our liners are flexible and utilize an adjustable band. When applying the liners, they protect the interior, sides, and bottom of the tray and offer enhanced levels of protection to the tray surface. We feel the name appropriately describes the way the product functions.

Are the liners sterile?

The liners are sterile and vacuum sealed.

Are there risks of allergies when using SafeCap?

SafeCap liners are manufactured from a variety of plastics and an elastic cotton band that contains no known allergens. SafeCap carts are made from aluminum and powder coated.

Why do you offer red and green liners, what’s the difference?

The system uses visual and written indicators to relay the status of the items protected by the liner. A Green liner indicates the endoscope (or other items) are Clean and ready for patient use. After a procedure, the Red liner indicates that the endoscope (or other items) is (are) Biohazardous and should be treated as such. As an enhancement to the color-coded system, the Green liner features a Smiley Face and the words “Clean” are indicated on top of the liner and are visible around the outer edge of the liner. The Red liner prominently displays the universally identifiable Biohazardous symbol, and the word “Biohazardous” is printed on top of the liner and around the outer perimeter of the liner.

Can you walk me through the process of using the system?

The clear liner is used as an interior sterile liner cap to the specially designed SafeCap transport tray. Once the interior sterile liner is applied to the tray, a disinfected endoscope is placed inside the transport tray, and a sterile red cap that is vacuum-sealed is placed inside the tray with the disinfected endoscope, and finally, a sterile green cap is applied to the top of the transport tray, encompassing the edges, and adhering to the bottom feet of the specially designed tray. The endoscope can then be safely transported by hand to a procedure room or can be stored on a short-term basis. During the medical procedure, the sterile green cap is removed prior to the physician's use of the endoscope. Once the procedure is completed, the contaminated endoscope is placed inside the transport tray and the sterile red cap is removed from the vacuum-sealed package and is applied to the top of the transport tray, encompassing the edges, and adhering to the bottom feet of the specially designed tray. The endoscope can then be safely transported by hand to sterile processing or can be stored on a short-term basis. Optional lids are provided to allow for hardcover transportation of the endoscope and stacking of multiple trays in work areas.

Why do you print Biohazardous and Clear around the outer edge of the liner?

We wanted to ensure the status of the scope or surgical instruments could be easily identified when our gray lid (SC-249L) is installed onto the tray (SC-249G). SafeCap is the first and only liner system that offers 360° visibility™ with the printing around the outer perimeter.

Can we just buy your liners, or do we have to purchase the SafeCap tray and lid?

There are no rules when purchasing SafeCap. Any item can be purchased separately or together. The system allows you to create a workflow that meets the requirements of your facility.

Can I use SafeCap liners on the trays I already own?

You sure can. SafeCap liners are compatible with other trays. Feel free to request samples so you can test them for yourself.

Why is the red liner in the combo pack individually sealed?

It protects the red liner from possible contamination prior to use. No other liner system on the market has this feature.

Why are the liners designed like a shower cap?

The shower cap design covers not only the interior of the tray, but also the sides and extends to the bottom. This design offers the maximum amount of protection and greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to wipe down the tray after a procedure. Competitive liner systems fall short when it comes to total protection.

Are your tray and lids cart washer compatible?

Our gray tray (SC-249G) and gray lid (SC-249L) are cart washer compatible up to 110°C/230°F. Exceeding these specifications may cause permanent damage to the tray and lid and is not recommended. We recommend using a variety of hospital-grade cleaning wipes for the clear lid.

Are transport carts offered with the SafeCap system?

Yes, and they are very popular. We focused on a minimalistic design that gets the job done. We offer them in 6-tray, 8-tray, and 10-tray varieties and there are plenty of color choices available.

Is SafeCap available through group purchasing contracts?

Clinical Choice is a contracted vendor with HealthTrust® and Vizient®. SafeCap is a contracted product with both. If you are a member of another GPO or are not contracted with a GPO, we offer a variety of pricing structures to meet the needs and budget requirements of your facility.

Are SafeCap liners OSHA compliant?

The SafeCap endoscope transport system meets OSHA requirements 29 CFR 1910.1030 for transporting hazardous items. SafeCap Biohazardous orange red liners contain biohazardous legends that are viewable on the top and sides of the tray. SafeCap biohazardous liners are individually packaged to help prevent cross-contamination prior to installation.

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