Endoscopic Cleaning Brushes

Clinical Choice’s disposable cleaning brushes are designed to prevent endoscope channel damage, ensure smooth insertions, and allow the secure, focused cleaning of valves, ports, seats, and buttons. The brushes are available in two popular styles to meet your cleaning requirements.

Outstanding Cleaning Capability

All of our endoscope cleaning brushes have a high bristle count, ensuring a thorough and deep clean with every use.

Right Level of Rigidity

Our brushes are crafted to have adequate rigidity, which ensures their smooth insertion into the endoscope channel.

Practical Packaging

We offer a brush style that combines two brushes into one—no need to purchase separate brushes for your valves, ports, seats, and buttons.

Product Ordering Details

Item Code Description Color Code Catheter Diameter Catheter Length Bristle Diameter Quantity
CBSE-2 Small diameter disposable cleaning brush (channel only). Grass Green 1.5mm 180cm 3mm 50/box
COMBO-1 Double-ended disposable cleaning brush (valve and channel combo). Ocean Blue 1.65mm 230cm 11mm & 5mm 50/box


Are your endoscopic cleaning brushes latex free?

Our line of brushes is latex-free.

How many brushes come in a box?

Both styles are sold in reclosable boxes of 50 units per box.

Can I request samples of your cleaning brushes for trial?

You sure can. Please request your samples by clicking this link.

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