Our single-use, disposable mouth protection solutions for your patients are available in both pediatric and adult sizes, and at a friendlier cost!

Seamless Form and Function

Our Bite Blocks reduce endoscope friction, provide convenient access for suctioning, and allow easy adjustments throughout procedures.

Shaped for Comfort

Our Bite Blocks are flexible and adaptable. They conform to the sides of the mouth and face, allowing them to maintain a proper position during endoscopy procedures.

Designed for Safety

Our Bite Blocks and adjustable straps are latex-free. The dental retention rim reduces the risk of gum damage and prevents patients from biting down on the endoscope insertion tube.

Product Ordering Details

Item CodeDescriptionQuantitySize
CCBB-LAdult Bite Block50 units/bag (Single-use)60Fr 20x27mm
CCBB-SPediatric Bite Block50 units/bag (Single-use)42Fr 14x22mm


Are your bite blocks latex-free?

Yes. Our adult and pediatric bite blocks, including their straps and packaging, are latex-free.

How many bite blocks are in a bag?

Our adult and pediatric bite blocks come in resealable bags containing 50 individually wrapped units.

Are your bite blocks sterile?

Both our pediatric and adult bite blocks are sold non-sterile.

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