Precleans Instrument
and Endoscope Surfaces

Promotes long lasting moisture
retention on instruments and
scopes for up to 72 hours

Multi-Tiered Detergent
Spray, Non-Aerosol

Precleans Duodenoscope,
EUS and EBUS elevator

PreSoak is a multi-tiered, neutral pH, humectant detergent spray that promotes water molecules into the soils leaving a hydrolysable web on surfaces to prevent soils from hardening for easy removal during the cleaning process.

  • Safe for all scopes & instruments
  • Perfect for reprocessing delays
  • Starts working instantly on contact
  • No messy spills or splashing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ergonomic spray handle
  • Neutral pH; Non-aerosol; Multi-tiered detergent
  • Dual purpose; PreSoak and manual clean detergent

Instructions for Use:

  • Spray directly on all surfaces immediately after use.
  • Actuate instruments during application.
  • Reapplication is not necessary if all surfaces have been wetted.
  • Once saturated, the soil can be removed any time up to 72 hours.
  • Rinse after cleaning.
  • If organic matter is difficult to remove during manual cleaning, extended soak time or cleaning may be necessary.

Flexible Endoscopes (Elevator Mechanism)

  • Immediately after precleaning, spray OneTAB PreSoak directly into elevator mechanism area while slowly actuating the elevator mechanism up and down.
  • Repeat manipulation of the elevator mechanism multiple times while applying OneTAB PreSoak.
  • Follow OEM IFU cleaning instructions.


Product Description
  • Single-use Cage for transport, disinfection, storage and traceability
1 Gallon
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