Excelarate™ SPD Endo Wipe

Meet our cost-efficient solution for drying endoscopes after high-level disinfection.

Excelarate wipes are sterile, non-linting cloths specifically designed to meet endoscope manufacturers’ recommendations and professional guidelines for endoscope drying post-HLD/LCS.

Focused on Compliance

As part of their respective Instructions for Use (IFU), Olympus®, Pentax®, and Fujifilm® call for the use of sterile gauze and non-linting cloths at various steps of an endoscope’s maintenance and care.

Recently released ANSI/AAMI ST91:2021 not only gives considerable focus to channel drying of endoscopes but also states that sterile/non-linting cloths should be used to dry the external surfaces and insertion tube of an endoscope.

Olympus, Pentax, and Fujifilm agree that sterile wipes should be used following the disinfection of an endoscope to ensure that the endoscope is not recontaminated. Other drying methods, such as air-drying or utilizing reprocessed towels or wipes that produce lint, can lead to cross-contamination and may leave lint or fibers on the endoscope.


Each Excelarate sterile pack contains two folded wipes, and the compact packaging makes them easy to store. The easy-open packaging protects the wipes against dust, contamination, and moisture that can lead to bacterial growth.

The wipes are EO sterilized, and each package has an EO indicator for visual confirmation. Each pack indicates the date of manufacture and sterilization expiration date.

Each single-use wipe can be used at any point during the care of an endoscope or instrument where the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s Instructions for Use or other applicable guidelines call for the use of a low-linting wipe or cloth, a lint- free wipe or cloth or when sterile gauze, wipe, or cloth is recommended.


Excelarate wipes cost approximately 60% less than other sterile, non-linting wipes on the market.

A single wipe effectively dries an endoscope, and the non-woven fiber offers superior strength and maximum absorption.

Say goodbye to other inconvenient or non-compliant drying methods and switch to Excelarate SPD Endo Wipe, a more efficient and effective solution.

Ordering Information

Order NumberDescriptionQuantity
SW-001Excelarate™ SPD Endo Wipe™ Sterilized, Non-Linting Poly Cellulose Wipe, 9" x 9" (23 cm x 23 cm) 400 wipes per case (two per individually sealed sterile package)Total of 400 wipes/Case


What is the product’s intended use?

Excelarate wipes are used for drying endoscopes after high-level disinfection or liquid chemical sterilization following OEM reprocessing requirements. OLYMPUS®, FUJIFILM®, and PENTAX® endoscope reprocessing manuals recommend using fresh, non-linting, sterile wipes to dry endoscopes and accessories post-high-level disinfection and liquid chemical sterilization.

Are there other uses for the product?

Excelarate wipes can be utilized when OEM reprocessing instructions ("IFU") or other applicable guidelines recommend using a low-linting wipe or cloth, a lint-free wipe or cloth, or a sterile lint-free gauze, wipe, or cloth. The product is not designed for patient care.

How many Excelarate wipes are included in a case?

There are 400 wipes per case. Two folded wipes are included in each sterile pack.

Are the wipes sterile?

Excelarate wipes are EO sterilized, and each sterile pack includes an external EO chemical indicator. Each pack includes the lot number and is marked with the expiration date two years from the date of sterilization.

Are the wipes reusable?

Each wipe is designed for single use and should be treated as biohazardous after use and disposed of in compliance with facility guidelines. The wipes can not be reprocessed.

Is the product latex free?

The wipes are latex free, and so is the packaging.

How should Excelarate wipes be stored?

The product should be stored in a dry environment and not exposed to moisture during storage.

Can I obtain a copy of the instructions for use for review?

A copy of the instructions for use is included with the product. In addition, you can download a copy via this link.

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