Introducing SafeCap®, a patented Endoscope Transport System featuring easy-to-install liners and cart washer compatible trays and lids that create a stackable system to save counter space. SafeCap protects endoscopes, staff, and most importantly, the patient.

  • Easy to install
  • Complete coverage of tray top and sides:
    • liners attach at tray bottom
  • Liners clearly identify Clean vs. Dirty Endoscopes
  • Compatible with other trays
A quote from the 5-Star review of 300 Bed Hospital Southern California GI Lab Manager
A 5-star review quote from GI Director of Midwest Healthcare System
  • Reusable, high temperature washable trays and lids
  • Elegant design: no difficult to clean areas
  • Ergonomic shelf for easy handling
  • Safe transport
  • Solid, secure lid allows for stacking of trays
  • Compatible with other transport carts
  • Meets SGNA®, AORN® and AAMI® Guidelines
  • Meets OSHA® Standards
  • 230F° Cart Washer Compatible*
A quote from the 5-Star review of 400 Bed Hospital Midwest USA SPD Manager
Medical staff wiping the endoscope tray
Elegant Design; no difficult to clean areas
High temperature scope transport lid
High temperature lids
Stackle Medical Trays
High temperature tray compatible with your cart washer*
Stackable system saves counter space
A quote from 5-star review of OR Manager of 500 Bed Hospital North Central USA
  • Easy access
  • Clear visibility
  • Locking wheels
  • Contoured cart top
  • Secure tray transport
  • Compatible with other trays
  • Cart washer compatible
Features SafeCap® Competitive
Disposable Tray
Reusable, high temperature washable trays and lids
Solid lid design allows for safe stacking of trays
Easy to read liner identification:
Liners cover trays sides and attach at the bottom
Contamination kept in/out on top and sides
Easily view red and green liners on transport cart
Easy to clean and disinfect tray - no lip or crevices
Tray supports weight of endoscope

*Maximum temp. 230°F/110°c **Maximum temp. 180°F/82°C

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