OneTAB® Powder

OneTAB is a family of neutral pH, low foaming detergents used in the manual cleaning of surgical instruments and endoscopes.  Enzymatic detergent formulas contain a powerful concentration of three different detergents (with surfactants) and three different enzymes that deliver maximum cleaning results.

OneTAB contains the power to clean.  Its high concentration of protease, amylase and lipase enzymes and detergents clean porous and non-porous surfaces working in harmony to lift and remove Blood, Fats, Protein, Synthetic Lipids, Carbohydrates, Biofilm, Polysaccharides, Simethicone, Oils & Cellulose-based adhesives.

OneTAB Powder is a pre-measured detergent, total compliance product.  Its airtight stick packs are designed to manage large water volumes eliminating the need for manual and mechanical pumps, and dosing.  OneTAB Powder maintains the integrity and freshness of enzymes and detergents in their purest form until use.  OneTAB Powder eliminates the need for exact ratios and water volumes required by bulky liquid detergents.

OneTAB Powder is dispensed by simply tearing easy open stick packs and evenly distributing the powder in the sink, basin or ultrasonic cleaner.  It immediately dissolves and starts working.

OneTAB can be used in any department that manually cleans endoscopes or surgical instruments, including ophthalmic instruments.  Departments include GI/Endoscopy, SPD/Central Sterile, Operating Room, ENT, TEE, Urology and other outpatient departments.

Yes!  OneTAB is environmentally and allergy friendly.  It’s manufactured with top-tier ingredients typically not utilized by other companies.  It’s 100% biodegradable and water soluble.  It is designed without dyes, fragrances or caustic chemicals that can prohibit effectiveness and cause irritation.  OneTAB Powder reduces carbon footprints by eliminating plastic bottles and shipping of bulky liquid detergents.

The OneTAB family of products allows for complete conversion of detergents used for manual cleaning of endoscopes and instruments throughout your facility.  This includes GI/Endoscopy, Operating Room, SPD and outpatient clinics.   Clinical Choice will work with you to analyze current usage requirements and make recommendations on departments, facilities and IDN levels.

Yes!  OneTAB Powder maximum storage temperature is 150°F/65°C compared to 130°F/54°C on other liquid detergents.  OneTAB Powder has no freezing limit.

Yes!  Please contact us at Clinical Choice, your local Clinical Choice representative or

Yes, please call Clinical Choice or your local representative to schedule and in-service.

On-line materials include data sheets, FAQs, SDS’ and IFUs.

OneTAB is designed for maximum cleaning.  Although its environmentally and allergy friendly, personal protective equipment (PPE) should always be utilized.   When used per IFU guidelines, OneTAB is equal to or safer than other cleaning products.