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We provide immediate savings for: Operating Room, Endoscopy/GI, Central Supply/Sterile, Clinical Engineering and Facilities Management.

AER Filters

Clinical Choice carries a full line of AER filters compatible with all major systems. Click here for more information on AER filters.

Cleaning Brushes

We offer five disposable cleaning brushes; two different sized single ended channel brushes, a double ended channel brush, a double ended valve brush and a channel/valve combo brush. Click here for more brush information.

Bite Blocks

Our large and small latex free bite blocks provide comfort for the patient as well as ease of oral access for the assistant. Click here for more information on our bite blocks.

Featured Product

Tri-Guard Tip Protector


The Tri-Guard endoscope device consists of a one-piece, disposable sponge with two ports and a central core. It is used as an endoscope tip protector and an endoscope sponge. Click here to read more.


New Filter Addition to our compatible replacement filters for the Medivators® Advantage®Plus line!


OEM Model #MF01-0069
Clinical Choice Model #ADP-500
Description: 0.1 micron Absolute filter
Click here to read more.